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The Panamerican Highway

Travelling, filming, blogging for 6 month – 35.000 American kilometers – from top to bottom.     The “Carretera Panamericana” connects Alaska with Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. It runs from the extreme north of America to the most southerly tip of the inhabitable world. Beyond Ushuaia, there’s only water and ice. With a length of 35,000 kilometres, the Carretera Panamericana is a highway of superlatives. The world’s longest road leads through the history and culture of the American continent, passing along political crisis regions and natural landscapes of indescribable beauty. The “Pan-American Highway” is the north-south axis of the American continent. It passes through 17 countries and winds its way through four climate zones and almost all the vegetation zones of the planet. A highway system of extremes “right from the top to the very bottom”. It is the synonym of freedom and adventure – Vamos!

2001 USA

San Francisco
Berkeley, Muesli and hippie town. Going everywhere with a car. Hiking in the mountains. Too scared to get on a flight to NYC, after Sep 11th. The terrorist attack on the WTC had changed everything for me.