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Pol Pots Cook

Some Cambodian taxis charge eighty, some one hundred and some charge $65 for a trip to Anlong Veng. I chose 65 and received 65 lucky moments. I survived probably the same amount of near death encounters, on my 140-kilometer trip to the north of Cambodia.

My driver, Mr Cho, had either problems with his eyesight or with his brakes, or he was suicidal and wanted a German blond haired ghost entering Nirvana together with him. He drove fearless. And on the back seat was his nephew, a young guy, who would later translate for me the encounters with the Cambodian monsters of the past.

Mr. So and his cheap and fearless uncle Cho made my day. It was like a 3-hour soap drama: Mr. So yelling at his uncle, telling him when to brake, when to overtake, when to honk. Considering their family ties, I think it was OK that he hit his uncle with a plastic bottle full with water on the head – while Uncle Cho was successfully dodging oncoming traffic.

After three hours of near death experiences, we arrived at the border town of Anlong Veng. One road, one big turnaround, a market and a romantic looking lake still called “Pol Pot & Ta Mok Lake”.

Local street sign showing directions to “Ta Mok Resort”. Here I wanted to visitthe former cook of Pol Pot: Yong Moeun – a widowed lady of class, beautifully aged, 67 years old. She lives in Anlong Veng, close to the Thai border, in the very north of Cambodia, where all the former Khmer Rouge people live.


  • Taxi Driver Uncle Cho
  • Anlong Veng
  • Madame Moen
  • Deceased husband, an ex General of the Khmer Rouge regime
  • 35 years ago
  • Ta Mok Lake
  • Anlong Veng Market
  • Khmer Rouge Tourist site map
  • Propaganda Truck Khmer Rouge
  • Ta Mok Residence
  • Cages for prisoners
  • Sign tward Pol Pots cremation site
  • Road to Pol Pots House
  • Pol Pots Grave



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