Silke Gondolf // English


The amount of flip flops outside of a shaft is proof how many people are inside digging for gem stones. The highlanders have no right to their land, no legal papers, no marker stones, no lobby to proof that it is the land of their ancestors for a long time.

Pol Pots Cook

After three hours of near death experiences cross country, we arrived at the border town of Anlong Veng. One road, one big turnaround, a market and a romantic looking lake still called “Pol Pot & Ta Mok” Lake. I visited the cook of the former Khmer Rouge leader, Pol Pot, in the north of Cambodia.

Sri Lanka

I visited the North and North East of Sri Lanka with the help of a local NGO.
The villagers don’t trust the peace situation; they don’t believe that the constant moving and resettling during the civil war might finally have found an end. The Omadiyamadu villagers have been relocated many times during the civil war – and live again in temporary shelters.