“To take a good picture you need to be
brave, fast and patient – all at the same time.”



  • Banlung market in Ratanakiri - northeast of Cambodia
  • Goldsmith in Banlung
  • Highlanders sell honey on the road to Vietnam
  • slash and burn on UXO fields
  • the warning sign for unexploded mines
  • rubber tree plantation
  • rubber harvest
  • Ratanakiri gem stone mining
  • the shafts are up to 15 meters deep and not supported
  • Mud everywhere, brown orange coloring caked to their skin
  • the little white container is for gems
  • Simple tools for survival
  • the heat outside and inside the shaft is unbearable
  • a Tampuan tribe wife is happy to have her husband back alive
  • Exhausted from the heat inside the mines
  • Tampuan ladies love selfmade cigars
  • child labor is the normality
  • The guy with the money, he is paying per stone.
  • No stone - no money.
  • the miners don't argues about the price the concession owners are paying
  • a small stone is 25 cent, bigger zirconia are between $1 or $2.50
  • leaving the mines - going home with their dollars
  • Tampuan village close to the border of Vietnam
  • Older women are use to be bare breasted

Gold Rush


Tsukiji Fish Market














My photographs have been licensed and published in internationally renowned Travel- and Lifestyle magazines

2016 Visual documentation for the research project “SOMANARE” in Cambodia, registered under the University Sorbonne, Paris and IRD. Academic advisory Frédéric Bourdier

2016 Selected for “Angkor Photo Festival” 2016 Exhibition. “Berlin-Yes we can!”

2015 Photo reportage on illegal gold mines in Mondulkiri and gem stone miners in Ratanakiri

2015 Portfolio reviewer for Angkor Photo Festival in Siem Reap, Cambodia

2015 Photo exhibition in Kobe/ Japan “Mt. Rokko International Photofestival

2015 Directors Choice: The Mountain Midwives of Vietnam – exclusiv photo exhibition at Tanto Tempo Gallery Kobe and presentation of my 2013 ARTE documentary (NHK version)

2014 Photo exhibition in  Siem Reap/ Cambodia “Angkor Photo Festival 2014″ selected for the “Special Impact Program”

2011 Sri Lanka – Photo Reportage: World Food Program u.a. in Jaffna und Batticaloa

2006 Photo reportage „Bhutans Red Rubberboots